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Anti-Slip Mat

The handiest car holder for your smartphone!

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Is your car always one big mess? Keep your mobile phone, sunglasses or any other things in your car safely in place with this nifty dashboard non-slip mat. Specially designed to clamp on to the dashboard in your car or wherever you want to use it. The Unimat doesn't need any glue, so you won't be left with sticky residue.

Protect your sunglasses, mobile phone, mp3 player or any other object. The Grippy, has a rubbery surface that will make sure everything stays in its place when you're on the road, and this gadget will keep your things within reach.

More Info

  • Non-slip surface with non-shifting qualities
  • No glue necessary, not sticky and does not leave a trace
  • Not toxic
  • Washable and re-usable
  • Heat, cold and UV-radiation resistant
  • Weight approximately 70g
The mat does not stay at place as expected , so I would not recommend it