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Breast Shower Gel Dispenser

Boobs with content!

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Are you a real boobs guy/girl? Now you can enjoy your favourite body part in the shower too!

Not many women respond well to a loving, firm squeeze in the breasts. Now these breasts will even give you something in return: a handful of shampoo or shower gel. How many women react like that if you squeeze their breasts? Your right, none! The only thing you get from them is a flat hand against your jaw.

The Breast Shower Gel Dispenser is the perfect gift for everyone who loves breasts. It will add a touch of sex appeal to even the most boring shower. Showering will no longer be boring, it will be a joy. And what's even better, the Breast Shower Gel Dispenser is a good physical workout. With all that squeezing, you'll develop an impressive set of biceps in no time, which might even lead to actually having a real pair of breasts in the shower.

More Info

  • Are not real breasts
  • Shower dispenser for 2 different gels
  • Sexy breast design
  • Easy to fill
  • Attach with 4 suction cups (included) or on a hook (not included)
Dimensions: 24.5cm(L) × 7cm(W) × 14cm(H)