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Cool Jazz Ice Tray

Hard Rock Ice Cubes

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It's time to kick back, chill and enjoy some freaking music.
It's time to kick back with these swinging ice cubes shaped like a guitar It'll keep your drink cool and you can use it for stirring too! What an ice revolution!
With these ice cubes you'll think you're in a Hard Rock Cafe, even when you're at an old people's home.

The Cool Jazz packaging includes 3 stirrers shaped like a guitar. Pour water or juice (for guitar popsicles!) in the mould included. Leave the stick in and put the mould filled with water in the freezer. It'll take a couple of hours before you can take the guitar ice sticks out. Carefully remove them from the mould and put them in the drinks you're serving. Guaranteed success at every party!. You'll be able to tell by the response that the Cool Jazz stirrers are a success.

More Info

  • Ice Cube stirrers
  • Material mould: silicone
  • Can withstand temperatures between -50°C to 230°C
  • Each frozen stirrer is approximately 5.5 x 17.5 x 2 cm
Dimensions: 17cm(L) × 2cm(W) × 20.5cm(H)