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We're committed at to providing you with the latest gadgets and cool stuff, as well as making your shopping experience safe, simple and convenient. This includes both your visit to our website and any after sales support. Don't believe us? Well, for the cynics among you, here's a selection of comments made by satisfied customers...

Ruby VoWednesday 20 February 2019
The delivery was super fast and convenient! I saw your website when I was just searching random things on the Internet, then found out that you really have some cool stuff.
fredWednesday 20 December 2017
bon produit, service après vente très aimable et très efficace. Je recommande
ElonWednesday 16 August 2017
Your shop looked reliable, price and promised-delivery-time were reasonable. Delivery was even faster than promised with no problems and a great gift!
StephThursday 5 January 2017
Great shop, super fast delivery ! Good quality products. I would highly recommend coolgift !
SamWednesday 21 December 2016 - item arrived quickly, well packaged and was definitely a cool gift, I am one very happy customer- thoroughly recommend.
Susanna JozsaSunday 23 October 2016
Hi. It was fast delivery. Proper packaging. I am satisfied. Recommend
WoodyThursday 14 July 2016
Beard Kit 'Damn Small' The product was relatively small. Now is this not quite a surprise, hence beard-stuff, but the little beard oil container doesn't give oil. Unless tapping the palm of your hand like a wild beast that is. Still, I want to get a few drops on my hand, not just the scent of oil! Also the wax, man, the wax, you really have to use your nail to get some wax as is indicated on the little box. Problem is, this product is made for men..MEN. A man doesn't have nails. So instead I use le peigne en forme de moustache (mustache-shaped comb) to get the tar on my hands. End up smearing it on the sideburns up until my..sideburns. Concluding: good product to give as a present. Thanks for reading Regards
Reflected_GodSaturday 9 January 2016
My first buying experience in this shop has been positive. The only thing I didn't like is the errors the web page shows when I try to create an account and access it, so I bought without an account. Apart from that everything was fine. The items were OK also the shipment.