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Everlasting Red Rose

Eternal rose, eternal love

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Red roses are love's timeless heralds. If you are looking to surprise that special someone with flowers, you are going to have to bring something extraordinary. And nothing spells extraordinary like this Everlasting Red Rose!

The roses are harvested when they're in their prime. They are then frozen in time, so to speak, using a 100% natural and bio-degradable preservative. The result is a rose that maintains it's dazzling beauty for up to 3 years.

This makes it a fantastic alternative to other flowers, which are unpractical because of their short lifespans, and not everybody likes artificial flowers.

More Info

  • Beautifully preserved rose
  • Does not need any water
  • Will last between 1 and 3 years and requires no care
  • Treated with a 100% natural preservative
  • Will last longer if not kept in humid environment
  • Rose petal size: approx. 4-5cm
  • Colour: dark red/burgundy
  • Length stem: 30cm