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Horse Head Bouncy Horse

Knee trotting isn't for neigh-sayers

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Knee trotting 2.0!

No, this isn't some minimalist Mardi Gras costume, or a training chair for budding jockeys. The Bouncy Horse Head is a real-life game console. Gone are the days that you had to struggle to convince your child that your knee is a real horse: this horse head brings a whole new, highly realistic dimension to the experience. No more dreams (or night-mares) about what an actual horse would look like! Now there is this brown beauty with blond manes, with bright-red reigns to boot!

Simply attach the "Horse Head Bouncy Horse" to your knee using the included strap and give your children the ride of their life. Let them walk, trot, gallop and jump as much as they want while they hold on to the reigns. The good people of Donkey Products know how tiring a play session with the kids can be, so they've made sure that you won't have to provide the riding sounds anymore! If you squeeze the horse's ear, the "Horse Head Bouncy Horse" will produce life-like galloping sound effects. This way, you can save your energy and breath when you play with your children!

This beautiful toy will also prevent (as long as you play with it enough) your kids from asking for a real horse! This will save you a lot of cash and a lot of free time!

Quit horsing around and start knee-horsing up and down!

More Info

  • Horse head in corduroy
  • Galloping sound effects
  • Stable knee-strap of red imitation leather
  • Hand-washable up to 30°C
  • Colours: light-brown horse head with blond manes, red reigns and red knee-strap
  • Weight: 0.31 kg
  • Materials: polyester and cotton
  • Designer: Donkey Creative Lab
Dimensions: 26cm(L) × 29cm(W) × 18cm(H)