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Stop wasting your life looking for your keys!

How often do you turn your house upside down looking for your keys? Do you sometimes feel like tearing your hair out in frustration? Put an end to it right now because we have the perfect solution!

The super-efficient Key finder means you'll never be late for another appointment. And, if you are ever late again, you'll never be able to blame it on losing your keys. Key finders are not a new invention. However, this is an unusual version!

All you need to do is hang the small key finder on your key ring. The transmitter, which is the size of a credit card, can be inserted in your purse or wallet. Lost your keys? All you need to do is press the button on the transmitter. The key finder will immediately start to emit light and sounds! The RF technology means that the sound can even pass through walls. Stand still, listen and find your keys!

The perfect gift for messy or forgetful people!

Find your keys quickly.
1. Extremely convenient size. The transmitter will fit in any wallet.
2. Range of up to 130 ft. (40 meters) Will transmit through clothes, cupboards and even walls.
3. 70dB beep and LED light will help you find your keys.

More Info

  • Handy size for both the key ring and the transmitter
  • The battery life of the batteries included is 1 year. Takes CR2032 & CR2016 coin cell batteries.
  • The RF technology is 100% safe. This technique is often used by businesses.
  • Range of 130 ft. (40m)
How does it work:
    Attach the key finder (which only weights 20 grams) to your key ring. The transmitter, which looks like a credit card, can be stored in your wallet, for example. Press the button on the transmitter when you cannot find your keys. This is all you need to do to the sound the key finders alarm. Brand new RF technology means that the signal can even pass through walls. The key finder will emit sounds and light so that you can find your keys quickly and easily!