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Powerball Regular

Maximum workout, minimal effort!

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A maximum workout with minimal effort!

The PowerBall is an ingenious piece of workout equipment which was developed in the US at the request of NASA. Astronauts in a zero-gravity environment cannot use normal weights. The challenge was to find exercise equipment which would yield results in space. The PowerBall was created using the newest scientific theories in the field of kinesiology. The PowerBall does not use set weights like other equipment. Instead, it works on the principle of centrifugal force. This means that the PowerBall's resistance varies and that it automatically adjusts to the user's training level. The lateral force generated equals approximately 30 pounds (15 kilos) at 10,000 rotations per minute!

Want to know how this clever piece of equipment works? The rotor in the PowerBall spins around an axle. However, this axel rotates around the centre of the PowerBall at right angles to the first movement. Imagine a glass of water with a large ice-cube in it. This ice-cube is spinning around an imaginary axle. Twisting the glass in your hand will cause the ice-cube to make a second movement. This movement is from left to right and from right to left around the glass' (invisible) axle.

The movement causes a "whooshing" sound when the rotor's axle is moving in the PowerBall's heart. Turning the PowerBall quicker and quicker means that it will make more revs. The "whooshing" sound produced sounds like music and will inspire you to pick up your pace.

The PowerBall is not battery operated. The PowerBall's core is activated by wrist movement. The gyroscopic action, a quickly rotating object which moves symmetrically around its axle and which functions as a stabiliser, means that the Gyro can reach speeds of up to 15,000 revs per minute. This will generate 40 pounds (18 kilos) of resistance. An intensive work out!

You can exercise the following muscles with a PowerBall:
- Wrists / Hands
- Underarms
- Biceps
- Triceps
- Shoulders

The PowerBall is also the perfect workout for people suffering from RSI or CANS.

What are you waiting for? Start training for a healthier future today!

More Info

  • Weight: 280 grams
  • Start using the cord
  • Colour: Orange
  • Model: Orange Viper