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Solar Rainbowmaker

Bring colour to the room!

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A rainbow is what you see when sunlight is broken and reflected back to you by raindrops. But the same multi-coloured effect can also be achieved by making light fall through a specially formed piece of glass. Or like with this Solar Rainbowmaker, through Swarovski crystals.

Just attach this device to the window by using the suction cup, and sunlight will do the rest. The little solar panel will make the wheels move. And they in turn will make the crystals rotate. Because of their shape, they will fill the room with multiple rainbow-coloured little spots.

Have your cats chase multi-coloured mice for hours. Or have the dancing colours brighten your own mood!

More Info

  • Spreads bright rainbow-coloured light throughout the room
  • With Swarovsi crystal that breaks the light
  • Rotating mechanism runs on solar energy
  • Attachable to any window by means of a suction cup
  • Material: glas and acrylic
  • Perfect colourful addition to any room
  • Fun game for cats: chasing after the spots of light
Dimensions: 7.5cm(L) × 5cm(W) × 17.5cm(H)