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Sunnyside Egg Shaper

For a sunny start of the day!

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Are you looking forward to an early-morning breakfast binge? Then you will need some fried eggs!

The early bird catches the worm... the idiot bird, more like. We'd rather take our time having a fancy start of the day. And what is a indispensible in any hotel-style breakfast? That's right! Some delicious yellow-white fried eggs. With the Sunnyside Egg Shaper, you will bring a smile to the face of even your sourest guests. This fun kitchen gadget turns your (usually boring) eggs into a cloud that the sun shines through. You might even be tempted to look for a proverbial message...

The Sunnyside Egg Shaper is easy to use, even for the biggest kitchen klutzes. Heat up your frying pan, put the shaper in it and pour the (unmixed) contents of the egg into the circle. The yolk will neatly stay in place and the egg white will run into the cloud shape. Within minutes, you will serve a tantalising breakfast.

The only thing missing are the unicorns and rainbows!

More Info

  • Material: silicones
  • Easy to use
  • Pour the egg into the circle, the egg white will automatically run into the cloud
  • Colour: red
  • Design: Avihai Shurin for Monkey Business