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Timer for Board Games

It's time to...Play!

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Meet the ultimate board game geek gadget: the first digital game timer, for up as many as 6 players!

Every side of the CUBE has its own colour and time display. When your turn is over, the CUBE is passed on and turned, showing the colour of the next player on top. Playing another game with different time limits? No problem! You can easily adjust the time periods on the Cube yourself.

Had a few too many sodas? No problem! Placing the Cube on its base means taking a break, and all clocks will automatically be stopped.

The DGT Timer Cube is perfect for games in where speeds matters! Some examples are Risk, Settlers of Catan, and Tigris & Euphrates. But of course the Cube will also work with Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Rummikub and Chess.

From now on, every player will have exactly the same amount of time to make their move!

More Info

  • Six sides in six different colours
  • Every side has its own timer
  • Multiple time settings possible
  • Batteries included
Dimensions: 6.7cm(L) × 6.7cm(W) × 6.7cm(H)