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3d Ufo Labyrinth

An extraterrestrial challenge!

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Outlandishlyhard, exceptionally fun!

Do you have the skills you need to lead the ball along all the stages and through the slides into the ball? The Addict A Ball did not steal its name and is guaranteed to provide hours of fun.

De Addict A Ball is a large plastic ball (diameter 20 cm) with all kinds of obstacles, slides and abysses. A tour along 138 stages runs through the slides. The challenge is to manoeuvre a small, silver ball along those 138 stages. Labyrinth structures make sure you need to turn the whole thing 360 degrees regularly, rolling from vertical to horizontal platforms, under arches and through holes until you eventually reach the centre.

Challenge yourself and your friends to complete this successfully. It's not only great fun, it's good for testing and improving your patience, your perseverance, and your eye-hand coordination.

More Info

  • Challenging bullet maze
  • Train your skills, for young and old
  • Perfect training for eye-hand coordination
  • Great fun when you're on the road or in a waiting room