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A healthy dose of flying fool is the common feature that all you, gadget scientists, share. And, coincidentally, we love reviews that are just as bonkers as our own gadgets. We therefore provide you access to our exclusive Gadgetlab! Here, you get the chance to not only see the gadgets, but also feel, smell and even taste them!

Why do we want you to experiment?

  • Every scientific report helps gadget fans to take the right decision. So this will not only benefit gadget professors like you, but all passionate gadget lovers out there.
  • Thanks to your tests, we can praise our products together, or improve them (if necessary).
  • Every scientific publication will make both you and our products more well-known in the gadget universe.

Make the Blogosphere (un)safe! And share your gadget experiments with Steven Hawking and the rest of the world via YouTube!

We are ready for your fun experiments! Are you up for the challenge?

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We are looking forward to admiring your experiments!