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Inflatable Unicorn Costume

How to train your unicorn

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The absolute must-have gadget for unicorn lovers! Ride around on the back of this fairy-tale creature, gallop across the wide summer festival fields, and be the focus of attention at any theme party. Hold on tight to those reins and tame the unicorn inside you!

The system uses a tiny air blower than keeps the unicorn shape up. Loosen the ring, fit the blower into the round opening and attach it by tightening the ring again. Then use the cable to connect it to the battery compartment that will fit inside your pocket. You'll have to make sure that the air doesn't escape, so be careful and use the elastic bands to pull the suit tight around your hips and feet.

More Info

  • Inflatable unicorn costume
  • Includes electric blower (fits into the round opening)
  • Loosen blower ring to attach it
  • Battery compartment fits into your pants pocket
  • Uses 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Blower must be turned on to maintain shape
  • Costume must be tightened around hips and feet
  • Durable materials for multiple use
  • Great for festivals, costume parties, and unicorn lovers
  • Includes a pink prince/princess hat
  • No great rider skills required