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Inflatable Walker

Become a real-life Benidorm Bastard!

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Stop slugging around with that heavy walker! Now we have a lightweight, foldable walker. This handy tool for your golden years is perfect for getting those 'awful kids nowadays' to give up their seat to you on the bus. Moreover, its foldable frame is perfect for avoiding lawsuits. If you hit someone with your walker because he/she is sitting on your favourite bench, this walker won't cause any permanent injuries.

It's also a perfect accessory to look older than you really are. If you can't get into the disco because of your youthful appearance. Don't worry! Just put on a pair of your granddad's suspenders, don a grey wig and take your walker with you. Although there is a chance that the bouncer refers you to the 'Magic Flute' for a more age-appropriate night of playing bingo.

Are you fed up with your walker for a while? You can easily let the air out and put it away. Surprise your pensioned co-worker, or the Abraham or Sarah turning 50 with this inflatable walker! A hilarious gift for Father's Day, a birthday or cheeky pensioner's gift. But you can, of course, also treat yourself to an inflatable Walker and see how your world slows down.

Note: This product does not provide any weight support! Make sure you tell the person using it to shuffle slowly with it, because we cannot be held responsible for any broken hips or hip replacements!

More Info

  • Very easy to inflate
  • Material: plastic
  • Useless as walker
  • Unique gadget, perfect for pulling a prank