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Jenga Drinking game

Jenga for pros!

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Who will be the first to fall? Your or the Jenga tower?

The first step is to build a Jenga tower by placing three blocks horizontally with three blocks vertically on top until all the blocks have been used. Your tower should have 20 levels.

It's time to get started! The aim of the game is to remove wooden blocks, from the bottom up, one by one. The player who built the tower is the person to start. Has more than one block fallen down? Oh no! It’s shot time!

You can also make up your own rules. You could, for example, reward the successful removal of a block with a shot. Or have the person pick someone to drink their shot. You could also write fun challenges on the blocks for the participants to perform. Discover just how difficult this game can get after a few rounds! Your hand-eye coordination will be decimated by the shots!

More Info

  • Material: wood
  • Build up to 20 levels!
The Jenga Drinking game set includes:
  • 60 wooden blocks
  • 4 Jenga shot glasses