Magic 8 Ball

The ball that knows EVERYTHING!

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Product Description

Need some advice? Just ask the Mystic 8 ball!

Ask your question, shake the Mystic 8 Ball vigorously, turn it around and look to see what its answer is! Will I be rich? Will I have children? When will I get my boss's job?

The ball has many different answers and it goes without saying: it's always right! And it'll help you save a lot of money, because you'll never have to visit a fortune-teller again!

What is your question today?


  • The Mystic 8 Ball is a large billiard ball that will answer even your most pressing questions
  • The Mystic 8 ball is a rage that has blown over from the States
  • Ask a random question, shake it vigorously and turn it over
Mystic 8 Ball decisions:
  • A Definite Yes
  • I Have My Doubts
  • You Will Have To Wait
  • Looking Good
  • Probably
  • Outlook So So
  • Don't Bet On It
  • Too Early To Predict
  • Who Knows
  • Absolutely
  • Absolutely Not
  • Go For It
  • You Can Count On It
  • Not Now
  • Forget About It
  • Looks Good To Me
  • Are You Kidding
  • Yes in Due Time
  • My Sources Say No
  • Yes