• Magic IQ Box
  • Magic IQ Box
  • Magic IQ Box

Magic IQ Box

The most frustrating gift box ever!

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Product Description

May I introduce you to the first wooden box that you'll have a love/hate relationship with! That's the best way to describe your relationship with the Magic IQ box. Thanks to an ingenious connection it's almost impossible to open. But at least you check the instructions that come with it. What? There aren't any? Aargh! This means you'll have to tease your brain!

This box is not only an extremely frustrating standalone puzzle, it can also be used to hide small gifts in. Put your gift in, give it to the unsuspecting recipient and laugh your head off while they struggle to open it.

We want to give our loyal customers a hint, of course: The Magic IQ has a rather simple mechanism; opening it is child's play once you know how. You just have to find out how it works!


  • Box that can only be opened with a trick
  • No instructions included
  • Perfect as gift box
  • Made of wood
  • Inner sizes of the 'secret space': 13.5 x 4.7 cm x 2,2

Dimensions: 15cm (L) × 8.5cm (W) × 5cm (H)