Never-Ending Birthday Card

A birthday that never ends! Great, right...?

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Product Description

Do you want to give one of your friends a birthday they'll never forget? Do you want to wish people a white Christmas with a confetti explosion? And are you sure that your friendship can withstand a prank? Or do you not really care about the relationship? Then this diabolical greeting card might be right up your alley!

In safe mode (with the paper slip still safely inserted), you can write your message on the card. The song will only play once and can be interrupted using the button on the inside. But once the safety slip is removed, it will be as if you pulled the pin out of the proverbial hand grenade. The tune will keep playing until the battery is drained or the lucky recipient manages to destroy the card. And that sure isn't easy: you can attack the card with hammers, set it on fire, drown it in the tub, throw it out the window and feed it to the dog, but the tune will keep going.

And as an added bonus, the greeting card will dispense a truckload of glitter or confetti if the recipient tries to tear it open. This prank card comes at €..., but the expression on the (un)lucky recipient's face will be priceless.


  • Prank greeting card with musical tune
  • Will only get louder the more you press the button
  • Will only cease once the battery is drained or the card is utterly annihilated
  • In safe mode (with the paper slip still safely in the card) the tune will only play once
Joker Birthday version:
  • Will play for (at least) 3 hours
  • Dispenses glitter when the card is torn
Birthday Screamer version:
  • Will play for (at least) 3 hours
  • When the button is pressed, nothing will happen for 90 seconds
  • Then, a scream will sound every 90 seconds
  • Dispenses confetti when the card is torn
Christmas Record version:
  • Will play for (at least) 1 hour
  • Hold the button to record 15 seconds of personalised audio
  • You can repeat the procedure until you're satisfied with the results
  • Removing the safety slip will activate the card
  • Dispenses Christmas-tree shaped confetti when the card is torn

Dimensions: 23cm (L) × 15.5cm (W)