Scratch World Map

If you are itching to travel, you must scratch!

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Product Description

Are you itching to travel? Then you must scratch!

Of course, he who travels often has endless adventures to share with the folks at home. And while you’re telling them all your stories, you'll want to take your map out so that you can show people exactly where in the Amazon you were almost eaten by a snake. But after returning from a trip around the world, it's difficult to exactly pinpoint all the places you visited.

Thanks to the Scratch The World Poster, you can scratch out the places and countries you and your travel companions visited after each stop. If you scratch off the top layer of this map of the world, the countries will emerge in full detail. This will allow your guests to immediately see what kind of well-travelled host/hostess they are dealing with! And you too will immediately see which parts of the world you still have to discover. This will come in handy when you book your next trip!

The Scratch The World is a luxury poster displaying a map of the world in antique style. The countries themselves are covered with a layer of gold coloured film. When you scratch off certain countries and cities, additional information about those places will be disclosed! Moreover, Scratch The World comes in a beautiful case, which makes it that much more fun to give it to someone as a gift.

The perfect gift for Modern-day Marco Polo's! Because even though pictures are nice, and flags on a map work, a Scratch Poster is simply unique!


  • Unique detailed world map in antique style
  • Golden coloured top layer with detailed countries below
  • Personalise the map by scratching the film off
  • High quality print on premium materials
  • More than ten thousand places and cities
  • 11 major countries, including the United States and Canada, are further divided into regions and states
  • Maps of Europe and the Caribbean enlarged in the corners
  • Stylish gift wrap tube with image 7 Ancient Wonders of the World
  • Dimensions tube: 71cm high, 7cm in diameter
  • Fun gift for people who love to travel
  • World map
  • Gift wrap tube
  • Box with scratch coin, felt cloth, push-pins and marker-pins

Dimensions: 88cm (L) × 63cm (W)