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The Infamous Drinking Bird

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This Drinking Bird has been around for years, and you can't fool us... you've always wanted to have one!

This is your chance! But do you understand how the Drinking Bird works? Do you understand the complex relation between chemistry and physics that puts this simple heat engine into action?
Below is the secret:

1. Water evaporates from the felt on the head.
2. The temperature of the glass head is reduced by evaporation (evaporation heat)
3.The temperature drop makes the vapour of dichloride methane condense inside the head.
4. Pressure inside the head is reduced as a result of the lower temperature and the condensation (thanks to the law of gases).
5. The increased vapour pressure in the warmer base pushes the fluids out the neck.
6. When the fluid increases, the bird will become top-heavy and tilt.
7. When the bird tilts, the bottom part of the neck tube will rise above the surface of the liquid.
8. A bubble of warm vapour will rise in the tube, through this gap and shift the liquid when it moves
9. The liquid flows back into the bottom bubble and the pressure between the top and the bottom lamp evens out.
The 10. The weight of the liquid in the lower bubble will make the bird return to its vertical position.
11. The liquid in the lower bubble is heated by ambient air, which has a slightly higher temperature than the temperature inside the animal's head.

Pure science, incorporated in a cool gadget!

More Info

  • The drinking bird can't stop emptying your glass of water
  • A cool, scientific experiment that explains the principle of thermodynamics
  • He wears a cool hat
  • This is not a toy!
  • Required: a glass of water
Dimensions: 5cm(L) × 5cm(W) × 18cm(H)
An absolutely great gadget! And when telling the mechanics to someone else, it becomes even an "got to have it too" thought