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Wine Bottle Opener Set

The survival kit for the true wine connoisseur!

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Any wine lover will be a fan of this gift. A new bottle of wine for their cellar, and one with magical powers, no less! This bottle can be used infinitely and will never be drained.

Because this is in fact a folding box shaped like a wine bottle! It holds a corkscrew, of course, but also a pouring spout, a bottle opener, a drip stopper, and a small opening blade. In sum, all accessories that you could even need together in one, convenient box. It is also a great decorative piece for any coffee table, kitchen counter or party table.

More Info

  • Plastic wine bottle filled with a range of handy wine-drinking tools
  • Bottle opens in two equal halves
  • Closing system that uses magnets
  • Hollow compartments contain corkscrew, pouring tout, bottle opening, drip stopper and small blade
  • Château Merlot of an excellent construction year! Contains no actual wine!
  • Total weight: 330 grams
Dimensions: 6.5cm(L) × 6.5cm(W) × 23.5cm(H)