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Brain String - Brainteaser

Ready to take on the ultimate brainteaser?

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Challenge your brain with the Brain String Advanced Brainteaser!

The Brain String Advanced has to be the most fascinating 3D puzzle ever created. The Brain String Puzzle is a completely new concept which requires a unique approach. Combine intuition with structured thought and experience the fun of the unbelievable options this puzzle has to offer.

The cube has 4 tips on each side which are connected to 4 knots on the other side with elastic string. The aim of the game is to move the tips over the slots on the Brain String to complete a certain pattern. The elastic strings should not be tangled.

All tied up in knots or has someone else created too many tangles? Then your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to return the pins and strings to their original positions. The Brain String Brainteaser will challenge you again and again.

The Brain String advanced is also more challenging than its predecessor: the Brain String Original!

More Info

  • Puzzle shaped like a cube
  • Advanced level gameplay available
  • comes with brightly coloured elastic strings and tips
  • 100% symmetrical
  • EVEN MORE challenging than its predecessor
  • 24 tips and 12 strings
  • CE and international safety certification marks
  • Suitable for players aged 7-99
Dimensions: 10cm(L) × 10cm(W) × 10cm(H)