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Cat Doorbell

A real doorbell for your cat!

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An alternative for a cat flap, without risk of burglary.

Do you have a cat that goes out more often than your teenage daughters? You do? The only thing your daughters have that your cat doesn't is a key to come in and sleep off their hangover. That's why your cat often has to wait out in the cold all night until someone finally lets him in.

With the Cat Doorbell your cat can let you know that he's waiting for you by the door. Just install the infrared sensor where the cat normally waits for you to come in. When the cat is there, then bell will ring and light up . Then you can let your cat in immediately. A lot handier than making a hole in your door for a cat flap, isn't it?

You decrease risk of burglary because you don't need a cat flap. Moreover, you'll prevent having unwanted guests (read: dead mice and birds) in your house, because your cat can't bring them in through the cat flap.

Are you afraid you will mistake the Cat Doorbell for your Front doorbell? No need to, the bell has no less than 10 different adjustable ring tones: from ding-dong to "miaow".

More Info

  • IR-sensor for use outdoor, special lens for pets, 0-6 meters
  • Can be used for cats and dogs
  • Wireless doorbell, easy to move
  • Bell is adjustable: only light up, only ring or light up and ring
  • 10 different ringtones, the volume is adjustable
  • Blinking light in rainbow colours
  • Works on 3 x AA-batteries & 9-volt battery (all not included)
  • Sizes IR sensor: 75 x 75 x 35 mm
Reach between transmitter and receiver:
  • 433 MHz radio frequency
  • Reach of over 50 meters (metal construction and concrete walls can limit reach)
  • Uses a digital code system, as a result of which it won't interfere with the neighbour's device
Dimensions: 6cm(L) × 3cm(W) × 9cm(H)