LED Word Clock

Learning English is only a matter of time

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Product Description

Reading the time becomes quite literal with this design Word Clock with LED lights. Forget hands and numbers, this clock displays the exact time in flawless English. By lighting up certain words, the clock displays a new small sentence every 5 minutes. From 4:05 to 4:09h, for instance, the clock will light up the sentence "It is five past four" op. At 4:10h, that will switch to "It is ten past four".

This Word Clock is a great, original and modern alternative to the standard clocks we're used to. Learning to quickly read English will - after a certain amount of time - be an added bonus!


  • LED Word Clock
  • Word matrix shows the time by selectively illuminating words
  • Bright, white LED displays
  • Uses 5-minute intervals
  • Easy to set up using the buttons on the side
  • Can be used as wall clock or as a standing clock (the clock has a fold-out stand)
  • Includes AC adapter for power grid
  • English manual
  • Weight: approx. 500 gr

Dimensions: 17cm (L) × 16.5cm (W) × 4.5cm (H)