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Cereals Dispenser

Are you a cereal filler?

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Cereals are at their best when they're crunchy and fresh, and the Cereals Dispenser is the tool that will guarantee that crunchiness and freshness from now on. The double reservoirs hold up to 500 grams for dry foods and keep them fresh.

Every turn of the knob yields a 28-gram serving. This makes the Dispenser perfect for storing cereals such as cornflakes and cheerios. And you gotta admit: it also looks pretty cool in the kitchen.

More Info

  • Storage and perfect servings of dry foods
  • Serving per knob rotation: approx. 28 grams
  • Design for optimal freshness and taste
  • Reservoirs are scratch-proof and are pretty tough
  • Each reservoir will hold 500 grams of dry foodstuffs
  • Perfect for storing breakfast cereals or candy
  • Materials: sturdy plastic
Dimensions: 33cm(L) × 20cm(W) × 43cm(H)