DIY Pillowcase

Design your own Pillowcase!

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Product Description

Transform your bedroom and living room into an actual art gallery!

Why would you buy a factory-made pillowcase with a boring, ten-a-penny print if you can design a pillowcase yourself? Embrace your creative side with this DIY Pillowcase, without splattering your living room or bedroom with paint. One side of the DIY Pillowcase is designed as a lined notebook page, including the signature red margin line. The other side has an elegant frame where you can unleash your creativity.

With the DIY Pillowcase, you'll have one side to write down your nightly ideas or a to-do list for your better half, and one side to go crazy with. Do you have bedroom secrets to keep? Write them down on the hidden notepad on the inside of the pillow case.

Just a few fun tips to give your life some additional colour with the DIY Pillowcase:

  • Don't force those ugly, commercial pillowcases and duvets on your kids, but encourage them to unleash all their creativity on the DIY Pillowcase and DIY Duvet. This way, there will be a new artwork in the kids' room every week!

  • Are you a zombie in the morning? Write down the things you shouldn't forget on the pillowcase, or make a list of chores that your partner should do tomorrow

  • Did you wake up next to a stranger you wouldn't mind waking up with again? Let them write down their phone number on your pillowcase!

And when you need a blank slate to unleash your creative urges again, just throw the DIY Pillowcase in the washer and the marker will wash right out! Time to get your markers and create a new masterpiece!

The perfect gift for all creative people!


  • One side of the pillow shows a print of a notebook page, complete with lines, printed holes and a red line in the margin
  • The reverse side has an elegant, curly frame
  • There is an additional "page" on the inside of the case to write down your innermost secrets
  • Material: 100%, very soft Turkish cotton
  • Doodle, write and draw all you can
  • Includes a set of washable textile markers (Washout Pens)
  • Washout Pens can also be purchased separately and are safe to use on all 100% cotton textiles
  • Washout Pens drawings disappear after washing
  • Machine wash at 40°C
  • Iron with a warm iron
  • The is sold separately