Foolproof Egg Timer

Cooking Eggs for Dummies!

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Product Description

Cooking an egg? From now on that's a piece of cake!

Cooking an egg is assumed to be easy, but how long do you need to cook your egg to get it exactly right? That is the question people have been asking for centuries!

This indispensable kitchen gadget for bachelors and the culinary impaired is, as its name suggests "Foolproof". From now you can cook an egg that even Gordon Ramsey would be jealous of.

Place this little egg into the water with your other Sunday morning eggs and keep an eye on it. Depending on the colour of the egg timer, you will know whether your egg is soft, medium or hard boiled. While the eggs are cooking, the egg time becomes darker and darker towards the centre. Once the eggs are cooked to perfection, you just take them out of the water.

The built-in sensor reckons with the number of eggs to boil, the amount of water, and even air pressure to make sure your eggs are just perfect. The egg timer "feels" when the eggs are cooked to perfection and therefore does not work like a regular egg timer.

So, all you have to do is enjoy your perfectly cooked egg, on your own or with company.


  • Heat sensitive
  • Not toxic (our egg timer at least, you will need to check the eggs you boil yourself)
  • Works on a scale from soft to hard boiled
  • Easy to read
  • Is the same size as an egg
  • Make sure you don't serve it! (That will cost you a visit to your dentist, for sure)