Love Capsules

Get high on love!

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Product Description

Love letters are romantic, but aren't they a bit old-fashioned?

If you were born 100 years ago, you would've had to put all of your literary talent to use in order to steal the heart of the person you loved. You would have to sweat day and night with a feather, a pot of ink and a discoloured piece of paper to convince your sweetheart of your love for him/her. Imagine how lonely an illiterate person must've been back in th days?

But times change - and fast. Nowadays, it only takes one click of a mouse on Facebook to ask someone to go steady with you and you can break it off with a text message or WhatsApp when the next beau comes along. Isn't it time we take a step back and bring back romance? We don't want to go back to long-winded love letters or love potions made by witches, but rather to something that's somewhere in between.

With the Love Pills you can conquer the heart of the one you love without getting a cramp or possibly being poisoned. The pot contains 90 coloured capsules with a note that's just big enough to write a brief note to express your feelings. This message is a romantic gesture that will immediately put your loved one into a daze of infatuation. Just put the pill next to his/her fruit juice at breakfast, or put it on his/her pillow at night. Don't forget to mention that the pill mustn't be swallowed!

Let's bring romance back, pill by pill


  • 90 capsules containing rolled up pieces of paper
  • Pill does not have a medical purpose
  • Pill cannot guarantee that your love will be answered
  • The perfect gift for Valentine's Day
  • Pills may not be swallowed
  • Capsules are reusable
  • The size of the colourful capsules is 2 x 0.7 cm