Sand Picture Art

Sahara Painting In Slow-motion

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Product Description

With this artwork, you will not get just one magical landscape - you'll get countless ones. The artist? A combination of natural laws. The sand grains are heavier than the water behind the glass pane. The bigger the grains, the faster they'll float down. But first, they have to pass a row of air bubbles. These, in turn, are lighter than water and first try to keep the sand up, like an alien cloud formation. Smaller and bigger "waterfalls" of coloured sand will seep through openings in the bubble barrier. Every time you turn the frame around, this complex process will result in a new dune or deep-sea landscape on the bottom.

You can go for the standard frame with glow-in-the-dark sand grains (which charge themselves in sunlight and lamplight) or a frame shaped like a porthole. This dynamic painting has a calming effect. Use it as a decorative design item in your living room or as a stylish painting for the office.


  • Dynamic sand landscape in stylish design frame
  • Uses sand that floats down past air bubbles in the water
  • Turn the frame around to create a unique, completely new sand panorama
  • Makes new landscapes and calming tableaus time and time again
  • Includes a syringe and needle to adjust the bubble volume
  • Accessories not suitable for kids!
  • It is recommended to refill the frame every year because of the evaporating water
  • Don't forget to let the air out before adding water!
  • Please note: too much water or air will create overpressure behind the glass
  • Includes Airscale for measuring the correct volumes
Specifications "Silhouette Glowbee" version:
  • Dimensions: 21cm(L) × 15cm(W) × 5cm(H)
  • Black wooden frame with separate beech wood stand
  • Sand glows in the dark, recharges in sunlight and lamplight
Specifications "Deep Sea Pacific" version:
  • Dimensions: 26cm(L) × 28cm(W) × 6cm(H)
  • Black plastic circular frame
  • Black beech wood stand (separate component)