Self Stirring Mug

Because spoons are for losers!

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Product Description

How do you take your coffee? Cream and one lump of sugar? Good. Only cream? Cool. Black? Rock on!

We have a great novelty for everyone, except those who drink their coffee black! What do you use to stir your coffee? A spoon? The back of your knife? Your tongue? A wooden stirrer? Bah, all these stirring tactics can ruin your perfect cup of coffee.

A spoon is handy for accurately weighing your sugar, but it needs to be cleaned properly afterwards or thrown away. If you use the back of your knife chances are you'll find a piece of your sandwich floating in your coffee. A wooden stirrer gives your coffee the distinct aroma of cheap, recycled wood. And your tongue... well it will lose its tasting qualities because it repeatedly gets burned.

What you need is a stirring solution for your hot drink that doesn't add any contaminants or strange tastes to your drink!

The Self Stirring Mug to the rescue!

Even though we might sound like a true teleshop advertisement: During our travels across the world in search of new gadgets, we have seldom come across such a fun product. We love the stainless steel-look and the lid with click lock that keeps our drinks so nice and hot! Don't forget: there's a revolving, plastic disc in the cup that stirs your drink into a swirl of delicious flavours!

Just put 2 AAA-batteries in the cup and fill it with your favourite ingredients. By a press of the button on the handle it will all be stirred into a smooth substance.

Or are you just too lazy to stir your coffee or chocolate milk, or simply enjoy looking at the whirlpool effect? The Self Stirring Mug is a fun and handy gift to give yourself or to others!


  • Press the button on the handle and the cup will start stirring!
  • For chocolate milk, tea and coffee lovers
  • On/off switch on handle
  • Includes travelling lid
  • Contents: 350ml
  • Works on 2 x AAA-batteries (not included)
  • For cleaning: HAND WASH! Do not use soap, fill with water and press the stirring button