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Trick Golf Balls

The best Golf Joke!

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Do you have any family members or friends that are passionate but presumptuous golf players? Make them climb down a peg or two with these hilarious Trick Golf Balls!

Try to be helpful and offer to place the ball on the Tee for the players. This will allow you to exchange the real ball for a Trick Golf Ball, which is way more fun. These balls explode, roll entirely out of line, and break open after which all kinds of strange strings emerge. In other words, you'll laugh your head off. From now on, a day on the golf course won't ever be boring again!
The Trick Golf Balls look just like perfectly normal golf balls so nobody will realise that you're pulling their leg.

The Trick Golf Balls come in a set of four, each with its own unique joke:

Unputtaball: It's all in the name, it's impossible to putt this ball. Because a contra-weight is lodged inside, this ball simply cannot roll straight out. Terribly irritating, but really funny.
Exploder: This golf ball explodes and turns into one big dust cloud as soon as the club hits the ball!
Phantom ball: If you hit this golf ball hard enough it will turn into a watery mist. Magical!
Jetstreamer: When this ball is struck, it bursts open and a spiral shaped string (4.5 m) emerges and flies through the air. Everyone will be dumbfounded!

More Info

  • 4 trick golf balls
  • 1x Unputtaball
  • 1x Exploder
  • 1x Phantom
  • 1x Jetstreamer