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Whisky Cubes

For a rocking and ice-cold glass of whisky!

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Just admit it. Water is AWESOME! It fills pools and glasses, removes nasty body odours and, when frozen, chills our drinks all by itself. For the savvy kids among you: if you pour water into a mould and put it in the freezer, you get ice cubes! A perfect solution for drinks that are warm but shouldn't be, don't you reckon?

BUT WAIT! There is a catch.

Once the temperature rises above zero, your cubes will melt and make your drink watery. How come? We won't bore you with the details, which are very scientific and there's a chance you won't understand them anyway!

Thankfully a number of workers from the Soap Stone Mine of Vermont, USA, created the Whisky Cubes. These will bring your whisky to the perfect temperature. Just put them in the freezer for a few hours before introducing them to your favourite single malt. Rinse them after use, dry them off and boom! They're ready for a next drinking adventure.

More Info

  • Set of nine Whisky Cubes
  • Comes in a nice bag
  • Made of American soap stone
  • Also suitable for chilling soda
Dimensions: 2cm(L) × 2cm(W) × 2cm(H)
Simply cool! And a nice refresher how it was done in the past! Washing them is a must-do of course ... by hand!