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Wine Aerator

For a more intense aroma from the very first glass onward!

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Wine connoisseurs will confirm: wines (especially younger ones) taste better after they've been exposed to air for a short time. That's the reason why wine decanters have that particular shape: they allow the wine to "breathe".

This aerator basically does the same, but does it in a matter of seconds. By pouring the wine through this attachment, the wine is swiftly mixed with bubbles of air which will deliver a fuller taste and richer bouquet almost instantly. The Wine Aerator is fitted with an anti-slip ring for extra grip and a convenient dripping base, and a black velvet pouch.

So stop looking for the perfect gift for Valentine's, Father's or Mother's Day. This wine-lover's gadget will hit the spot. Cheers!

More Info

  • Aerate wine in a few seconds
  • Enjoy a richer aftertaste and a fuller bouquet
  • No need for a decanter
  • With anti-slip grip and a drip base
  • Store away in the stylish black velvet pouch
  • Comes in a beautiful box, perfect as a gift
  • Wash with warm water and soap
  • Materials: glass, plastic
Dimensions: 14.2cm(L) × 6cm(W) × 6cm(H)