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Big Bubbles Wand

The bigger the bubble, the greater the fun!

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All kids love bubbles. But with this giant bubble-tool, the fun gets even bigger. How much bigger? Well, up to 10 metres big! The Big Bubbles Wand creates gigantic soap bubbles that can even envelop an entire adult.

Just like with regular bubbles, you'll only need some special dish soap - albeit a whole bucket of it in this case. Since this brew is of course highly undrinkable, we advise a minimum bubble-crafting age of 4 years. But running after them is recommended for all ages. After dipping the loop into the soapy water, the Big Bubbles Wand has two modes. Either push the glider to make a bubble in the loop and then start walking to create a long bubble tunnel. Or you stay put and turn on your own axis to surround yourself with a giant bubble donut.

More Info

  • Giant bubble tool
  • Creates soap bubbles that can be up to 10 metres long!
  • Materials: fabric loop and plastic grip
  • Dimensions: loop (approx. 2m), grip (approx. 50cm)
  • Includes bottle of soap bubble liquid (1 litre)
  • Do no dilute with water
  • Possiblity to order an extra bottle of 5 litres as well
  • Use: for children of 4 years and older