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Toilet Golf

Always hit a Hole-In-One on the can

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Are the only holes you want to hang over those on the golf course?

Does your life revolve around golf? Do you spend all your free time at the club? Is golf the only thing on your mind during work, dinner and sex? Do you hate going to the bathroom because it limits your time on the green?

The doctor's verdict is iron: You have a "golf addiction"!

We offer you the perfect solution to ease your visits to the bathroom: The Toilet Golf. The convenient, portable green is easy to install around any toilet bowl. The box contains a movable hole which allows you to determine the difficulty yourself. Are you a Tiger Woods or a Tiger Noobs? The set includes two golf balls, a club and a "Do not disturb" sign. This sign will save you a lot of difficult questions after a 2-hour toilet break.

The Toilet Golf is furthermore a healthy alternative to reading the paper in the smallest room. Finally a dynamic, athletic activity for in the bathroom! Burn those calories during an enjoyable toilet stay.


More Info

  • Toilet golf
  • Fits around any toilet bowl
  • Includes a mat, club, a hole, 2 golf balls, and a "Do not disturb" sign
  • Easy to store
  • Size golf mat: 85cm x 77cm
  • Size club: 58 cm
  • Perfect gift for golfers and golf addicts