Chalkboard Magnet Wallpaper

Make every wall an eye-catcher!

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Product Description

After creating their famous Groovy Magnets, Lies Verheyen and Pieter Claessen of the graphic design firm Mazout developed a completely new and innovative magnet/chalkboard wallpaper. No more messing around with layer after layer of magnetic chalkboard paint. Simply wallpaper the room and presto!

With this wallpaper, you and your kids will have an endless supply of space to unleash your creative selves. Just pick up a chalk to create a world of your own and scribble your most insane thoughts on the walls.
Because the wallpaper is fully magnetic, you can add even more personal touches to the walls. Use fun magnets to showcase your most treasured memories, such as child drawings and holiday pictures, where everyone can see them.

But the clever wallpaper can also come in handy in restaurants and bars! Cover a corner of your establishment with this wallpaper and display the daily specials.


  • Colour: black
  • Easy to attach thanks to tissue backing
  • Includes instructions for attaching the wallpaper
  • Use regular soft chalk. Chalk markers might not wash off
  • You can wash the wallpaper and it's easy to maintain
  • The wallpaper consists of very fine iron particles on a vinyl surface. These iron particles make the wallpaper magnetic
  • Magnetic wallpaper: includes large magnets with optimal adhesive strength
  • Make sure the wall surface is smooth, clean and dry
  • Use vinyl and textile glue to attach (=ready-to-use glue. Required: 150 g/m2

Dimensions: 265cm (L) × 61cm (W)