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Cyber Clean

The slime that gets rid of bacteria!

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Tests across the globe prove that keyboards contain more bacteria than public toilets. They also contain large amounts of rubbish like hair, dead skin cells, food etc.

These can have a negative effect on your machine and on your health! Cyber Clean is a revolution when it comes to cleaning the spaces between your keyboard and other surfaces without the use of any machines! It cleans and kills bacteria thanks to the unique formula! The perfect combination of viscosity and elasticity means that nothing gets stuck to the surface and that your hands remain clean! And, because we care about the environment, the Cyber Clean is also biodegradable.

The Cyber Clean can be used for many things. You can use it to clean PC and MAC keyboards, mobile phones, your car, printers, cameras and MP3 players. All you need to do is press the Cyber Clean against the area you want to clean. Dust and dangerous bacteria are absorbed by the product.

NEW: Cyber Clean Blue
The innovative, slime based cleaner is now also available for cars and boats. This minty fresh, blue miracle is ideal for getting rid of crumbs and dust. Plus, unlike a 12V vacuum cleaner, it is always ready for use.

More Info

  • Amazing cleaning aid in a lockable pot
  • Smells really fresh
  • Cyber Clean Blue smells minty fresh
  • Not suitable for cleaning a camera lens!
  • Weight: 135 grams
  • Can I clean the Cyber Clean after use or do I need to throw it away once I've used it? You can use the Cyber Clean until it’s full (see the colour legend on the packaging).
  • What happens to bacteria which is absorbed by the Cyber Clean? The Cyber Clean absorbs germs and neutralises them.
  • Can the Cyber Clean remove stains? No, the Cyber Clean cannot be used in this way.
  • Can my children play with Cyber Clean? Cyber Clean is not dangerous and children can play with and clean things at the same time. However, we recommend you keep it away from them.
  • Can the Cyber Clean dry out? The Cyber Clean can dry out. It will lose surface adhesion (the cleaning effect is reduced).
  • What happens if Cyber Clean gets wet? Just knead it and it will all work out just fine!
Dimensions: 8cm(L) × 7.5cm(W) × 7.5cm(H)