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DIY Duvet

Design your own duvet!

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Draw, write and doodle at will on the DIY Duvet!

Are you unable to resist writing and drawing on everything that markers shouldn't come near to? Is no white wall, no tablecloth, no floor and no piece of textile safe from your urges? Bring an end to mommy's despair and convince her to simply buy you a DIY Duvet!

The DIY Duvet is the first duvet on which you are allowed to unleash all your creativity. The duvet is designed as a huge sheet of notebook paper, including (printed) holes and a red line in the margin. You can design its look with the 8 included textile markers. Write down poems and stories, sleep with the green pig you never got for Christmas, and of course finally capture your nightly inspiration. Just remember to always leave a textile marker on your nightstand!

And once you need a blank slate to unleash your creative urges again, just throw the DIY Duvet in the washer and the marker will wash right out! Time to get your markers and create a new masterpiece!

Just make sure to colour inside the lines ;)

More Info

  • One-person duvet designed as a giant sheet of notebook paper, complete with lines, printed holes and a red line in the margin
  • Doodle, write and draw all you can
  • Includes a set of washable textile markers (Washout Pens)
  • Washout Pens can also be purchased separately and are safe to use on all 100% cotton textiles
  • Washout Pens drawing disappear after washing
  • 100% top-quality Turkish cotton
  • Button fastener
  • Machine wash at 40°C
  • Iron with a warm iron
  • The DIY Pillowcase is sold separately