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Desktop Space Coaster

Let's play marbles! ... That is, if you're able to assemble the marble track!

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So, marble tracks are for kids? This professional model, which is designed especially for adults, proves that the opposite is true

In order to be able to assemble this track, we suggest you're at least 14 years old. Thanks to an ingenious system of rails and stunts, the marble will always have exactly the right speed necessary to complete the track. Loopings, sharp turns and steep slopes turn this into a fast and exciting rollercoaster, one you'll never get tired of!

The space coaster is a kit that will allow you to invent and create an infinite number of different tracks. With a little bit of imagination you'll always be able to create a new track. As a result, this marble track will continue to challenge even the most devout puzzle enthusiast!

This marble track's most important component is its cool elevator! Centrally integrated, it brings the marble back to the top via a shaft, allowing the marble to roll back down in a perfect spiralling movement.

Were you actually able to put this marble track together? If so, post your picture below and prove to us that you have a talent for puzzles!

More Info

  • Exciting and challenging marble roller-coaster, DIY-kit
  • Suitable for youngsters and adults 14 and over
  • Specials: Loopings and hairpin bends
  • Stimulates creativity, flair and enthusiasm for technology
  • Includes steel marbles (diameter: 13 mm)
  • The marble elevator operates on 1 x C-battery (not included)
  • Detailed English instructions with clear drawings
Space Coaster Level 1
  • 5 meters of white tracks
  • Consists of 77 components
  • Comes with 2 steel marbles
  • Sizes: 40 x 23 x 7 cm (packaging), 64 x 18 x 36 cm (assembled)
Space Coaster Level 2
  • 10 meters of white tracks, 5.5 meters of which are 'glow in the dark' tracks
  • Consists of 193 components
  • Comes with 2 steel marbles
  • Sizes: 40 x 34 x 13 cm (packaging), 60 x 18 x 36 cm (assembled)
Space Coaster Level 5
  • 32 meters of white tracks
  • Consists of 655 components
  • Comes with 5 steel marbles
  • Sizes: 43 x 35 x 8 cm (packaging), 97 x 37 x 44 cm (assembled)
Space Coaster Level 8

(the real challenge)

  • 40 meters of white tracks
  • Consists of 720 components
  • Comes with 10 steel marbles
  • Sizes: 62 x 33 x 8.3 cm (packaging), 92 x 44 x 64cm (assembled)