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Drinking Roulette

The deadly drinking game!

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The dangerous drinking game for the No. 1 gambler!

The numbered turning-table decides whether you go home a bum or with a fortune in your pockets. Roulette is without a doubt the most exciting and no-nonsense gambling game there is (except for its Russian counterpart of course).

Bring your own casino to your home with the Roulette Drinking Game. You can play this exciting drinking game at all your parties. Around the turning-table you will find shot glasses each with a different number. Fill them up with different strong liquors. Next you turn the turning-table and see whether your number is on one of the glasses. If so, bottoms up!

With this game of Roulette you won't be going home with an empty wallet, but at best with a full blown hangover!

More Info

  • Material roulette: Hard plastic
  • Material shot glasses: glass
  • Turn manually
  • Includes 16 shot glasses
Dimensions: 30cm(W)