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Dress Jewellery Holder

The dress that always shines!

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Are you constantly looking for a new spot to stash your jewellery? Would you really like to use those drawers for socks instead of gold and silver? Then this little black dress is exactly what you need!

Hang the dress in your closet using a hanger, just like any other garment. But this isn't just another dress. Although you shouldn't try putting it on, this might actually be the best dress you'll ever have! Why? The pockets! The front is fitted with 33 transparent pockets that you can use to store your jewellery. The back has 17 loops for neatly hanging your necklaces.

This makes it an elegant solution to create extra storage space. In other words: "Stash to impress!"

More Info

  • Dress-shaped jewellery storage rack
  • With 33 convenient storage pockets on the front
  • 17 loops for necklaces and the like on the back
  • Materials: vinyl and canvas
  • Save a lot of space with this clever storage trick
  • Do not hang outside (magpies will steal it!)
Dimensions: 102cm(L) × 45cm(W)