Head Massager

Relax body and soul with The Head Massager!

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Product Description

Relax like you've never relaxed before using the ultimate scalp massager for a successful head massage: The Head Massager

This head massager seems like a simple piece of equipment. However, it is a well thought-out piece of kit. The massager functions as a conductor which connects your body's electric fields. This massager was originally developed in Australia by the Aboriginals. They used it for total relaxation and as a sexual stimulant. The massager has developed from a twig to tickle each other on the head to a therapeutic item. A pleasure rake which will find numerous pressure points on your head without you needing a scrap of experience. This massager is also known as a massage spider.

How do I use the scalp massager?
Long hair should be loose so that contact can be made with the scalp. Place the Scalp Massager on the crown of the head and press the tentacles so they slowly fit around the head.
Make a slow up and down movement whilst making slow circling motions. This slow movement will have an amazing result... unlike anything you've ever experienced before. The sensation is intense, and you will get goosebumps and tingles all over your body from the crown of your head through the spinet of your feet. You will feel fully relaxed.


  • Haematite coated beads
  • 12 prongs
What the Head Massager can do for you:
  • You will feel relaxed! It is an anti-stress massager and will immediately bring a smile to your face!
  • Using the massager will lead to the production of extra endorphins. Something that helps prevent headaches naturally
  • It stimulates the scalp's circulation and therefore helps prevent dandruff as well as stimulating hair growth
  • It has a calming effect and helps relax muscle tension
  • It helps relieve the symptoms of depression
  • It helps prevent sexual apathy and headaches
  • Head massages improve mental capacity due to the benefits of relaxation
  • It's an entertaining item (at parties etc.)
  • The aura photos above demonstrate the before and after situation following a massage

Dimensions: 24cm (L)