Can Crusher
Can Crusher
Can Crusher
Can Crusher
Can Crusher

Can Crusher

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Product Description

Had enough of the high costs for processing your rubbish?

Reduce the contents of your rubbish bags by up to 70% using the Can Crusher. This gadget is really easy to use! Hang it up, place an empty can and pull the handle down to minimise the size of the can. This handy kitchen aid can even deal with larger cans in a flash! Good for the environment. Even better for your wallet!

This gadget is also the perfect solution for those of us who are tempted to crush cans by hand but fail miserably at doing so. Hang it behind the door and show off a perfectly crushed can on your return!

Be advised you should still make a little dent in the can. This lowers the resistance considerably and avoids unnecessary strain on the construction.


  • Easy to attach to the wall
  • Comes with screws
  • Fitted with a bottle opener
  • Easy to use
  • The can crusher is suited for use with cans up to 3 inches wide and 6.5 inches high. Large enough to deal with larger cans and tins
  • Material: Steel
  • Maximum can contents: 500 ml
Differs from other can crushers in the following ways:
  • Other can crushers cannot crush tins of 500 ml.
  • You will not scrape your knuckles if you attach it to the wall and then crush a can. A great feature!

Dimensions: 10cm (W) × 30cm (H)