Fishermen Tea Holders

A relaxed day of fishing on the high teas

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Product Description

A day of fishing can be as refreshing as a cup of tea. Just ask these 4 Chinese fishermen. But they are not refreshed because Uncle Pete brought a case of beer to the fishing party. No, these fishermen quite literally hang around your tea cup!

This gadget is based on an old Chinese story: An old wise man sits on the shore fishing, but he doesn't have a fishhook. When he is asked how he expects to catch a fish without a hook, he replies that the fish will come to him out of their own free will when they're ready. Whether this anecdote really makes that man a wise man is up for discussion, but at least he must have been really patient. Patient enough to hold your tea bag for you. He might not reel in a fish, but it will add to the zen quality of your tea ritual!


  • Set of 4 humorous tea bag holders
  • Holders in the shape of anglers
  • Winner Chinese Design Challenge 2014
  • Silicone figurines with stainless steel fishing poles
  • Flexible holders can be used with almost any kind of cup
  • Keeps your tea bag in its place
  • Length fishing poles: approx. 4cm
  • Dimensions figurines: 1.5 - 2.5cm (W) x 3 - 3.5cm (H)
  • Weight per figurine: 10 gram