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Gin Pong

Let the games be-gin

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"Gin Pong" might sound like some dangerous martial arts sport, but it's actually a great drinking game. But don't be mistaken: this game will also test your body and mind. Challenge your friends to a game that requires focus, dexterity, and (mostly) a lot of gin.

The rules are simple. Every time you land the green ball in one of your opponent's six glasses, they have to down that glass. So, basically, this is a game without losers. The official winner is the first player to land the ball in each of the six glasses across the table, but the loser gets to take six shots of gin... Not too bad, is it?

More Info

  • Gin Pong drinking game
  • Set of 12 200ml shot glasses
  • Green glasses with silver rim
  • Comes with 4 green ping pong balls
  • Great idea for any party
  • Please note: gin not included!