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Llama Duster

Dustin' like a Peruvian

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It's a well-known fact that llamas can spit. But do you also know why they do this? The answer seems quite obvious to us. They're clean freaks! Which is why this fluffy pink llama is also perfectly suited as a duster.

With the Andes mountains as its natural habitat, no obstacle is too difficult for this cute dust-eating critter. A steep climb up the cupboard, a vertical descent down some painting on the wall, no problem at all thanks to its flexible frame. This funny gadget really puts the "lean" in cleaning!

More Info

  • Pink duster with cute llama face and feet
  • Made of durable polyester fibers
  • Maximum length (when fully stretched): 25 cm
  • Flexible highly bendable design for those hard to reach places
  • Keep your house and office dust-free
  • Can be made to stand up on its feet, as a fun decoration piece