• Nose Soap Dispenser
  • Nose Soap Dispenser

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Nose Soap Dispenser

The soap dispenser for little snotty noses!

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Victim of my own success.

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Snot has never been this hygienic!

Secretly you love picking boogers in your nose. Your big (secret) passion is to let long ropes of mucus (sometimes green, sometimes white) to hang from your nose, without falling. Admit it, you are a true fool for snot! But unfortunately your meddling partner or mother always gets in your way! They think your hobby is 'unhygienic' or 'rude'.

If you can't play with your own boogers, play with the ones from someone else's nose! The Nose Soap dispenser is shaped like a huge nose that can produce snot a lot quicker than yours can! Start by filling it with your favourite soap (green, yellow or white). Every time you press the nostrils, gel will fall out like a big fat glob of snot. If this nose doesn't have a good snot dropping, that means you haven't paid enough attention to your personal hygiene.

Moreover, the Nose Soap dispenser is very easy to use. This soap dispenser is fitted with suction cups and mounting brackets, so you can hang it anywhere you want.

Snotty noses of the world, unite!

More info

  • Soap/shampoo dispenser
  • Easy to install thanks to suction cups
  • Easy to refill
  • Will add a unique touch to your bathroom
  • Dimensions: 14cm (L) × 16cm (W) × 8cm (H)


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