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Electric beats get a face with the Otomatone!

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Victim of my own success.

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Product Description

If there's a face behind every singer, why wouldn't there be a face behind every music instrument?

With the Otomatone electronic music will have a face, at last! This ingenious, electronic music instrument shaped like a musical note, comes straight from Japan, the only place in the world where crazy gadgets like this are invented.

Playing the Otomatone is child's play! Just put your finger on the handle to set the pitch. Get used to your instrument by starting playing the scale up and down a few times! If you pinch the cheeks of the Otomatone, he will play the pitch you have chosen in vibrato (or simply - Wwaaahwaaah!) Select one of the three Octave heights (low, mid or hi) and set it at the right volume. Before you know it, you'll be ready for your first performance! Suffering from stage fright? Get your friends to buy an Otomatone and start a band!

Ready to start your Otomatone career?


  • Otamatone is a real, original, electronic music instrument
  • Made from hard plastic, its head has a silicone case
  • Play a melody in 3 octaves
  • Pinch the cheeks for vibration
  • You can switch the Otamatone off and set the volume at the back
  • Works on 3 x AA-batteries (test batteries included)
  • 2 volume levels
  • Height: 27 cm
  • Volume control
  • Has a 3.5-mm audio output for connecting headphones, loudspeakers or amplifier
  • Height is 44 cm and it weighs 810 g

Dimensions: 27cm (L) × 7cm (W) × 6cm (H)