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Plant Genie

For thirsty plants with lazy owners!

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Victim of my own success.

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Taking care of you plants just got easier!

Thanks to the Plant Genie you will no longer need to water your plants every day. It also means that you won't need a plant sitter any more when you go on holiday.

The Plant Genie is an ingenious plant watering system which consists of a glass sphere which you fill with water. Earth which is too dry releases oxygen. This means the Plant Genie knows exactly how much water to release. This means you can ignore your plants for up to fourteen days without having to worry about them dying.

Professional tip: add some plant food to the water to make sure that your plants continue to look amazing!

More info

  • 2 Plant Genies per package
  • Clear spheres
  • Gradually releases water over the course of 14 days
  • Weight 126 g
  • Cannot be used with sand due to clogging problems. Works fine with coarser structures
The Aqua Genie can be used with:
  • Houseplants
  • Hanging baskets
  • Exotic plants

Dimensions: 30cm (L) × 8.5cm (W)


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